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TozluYaka episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 6 of the Turkish series TozluYaka tells how Kenan came to Derya and wanted to talk to her. One photograph caught his attention. Derya saw an open window in Ali's room, but he himself was not there. She began to worry about him. Kenan asked for a DNA test, but requested that this information be kept confidential. He suspects that he has another son, whom he still did not know anything about. Ali ran into Burke in the cemetery near Vefa's grave. Zeino became interested in the teacher Onder, the homework he gave - is this his idea? She understood this based on how he divided them all. They have to go home to the guys with whom the relationship does not add up. Ali said that they would need to be treated well until they could find Vefa's killer. When Derya again saw Kenan in front of her, she did not like it very much. She asked why he could come here so calmly and what did he need? But Kenan is only interested in one question. Why did Derya try to hide the fact that he has a son? Burke is informed that Cemre is in fact a spy for Ali...