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TozluYaka episode 3 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 3 of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka tells how Ali and Cemre had a good evening together. He talked a lot about Vefa and what they did during their days in their area. Cemre thanked Ali for everything and said that until today she had never felt so free. This evening ended with a kiss between Ali and Cemre. Ali sees Vefu in front of him, as if alive, and talks to him. He asks to show him the right way. Ali wants most of all to find his killer, but huge walls constantly appear in front of him. He asks Vefu to tell who took him from them? Was it Chagre, Berk, Khazal, or maybe Ege? Vefa did not give any answer to Ali's question and spoke about something of his own. But when Ali called the name of Cemre, Vefa stopped for a while. He walked closer to Ali and put his hand on his heart and then said that it was beating too fast. Vefa told Ali that he must first calm his heart. But Ali replied that they were trying to break his balance, but they would not succeed. Then Vefa asked what would happen if the wind blows in the opposite direction? But Ali is not afraid of anything and is ready for any difficulties. Vefa advised Ali to be afraid, because in the end death might await him...