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TozluYaka episode 17 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 17th episode of the Turkish series TozluYaka will tell about how Ali and Burke had to face the truth and despite the fact that there is a feud between them. They were locked in the freezer. Burke was about ready to say goodbye to his life. Perhaps fate gave them one last chance to understand what it means to have a brother. Only this truth was formed from lies. Burke told Ali that even as he died, he defeated his brother. Ege along with Chagry were driven into a corner and the reason for this was the lie they told. Are they really responsible for Cemre's death? It seemed to Hazal that she knew the whole truth and tried to defend them, only at the very last moment she suffered the most. She saw everything with her own eyes. Hazal told Ege that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him, as she was very disappointed in this guy. Ali and Burke were saved. When Ali regained consciousness, he saw Mavi in ​​front of him. He asked if he could survive? Mavi replied that Ali just miraculously survived. They hugged tightly and Ali is happy that he was able to avoid a sad fate. Onder does not want to waste any more time, and he decided to propose to Derya...