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TozluYaka episode 16 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 16th episode of the Turkish series "TozluYaka" will tell about how the guys began to view the video message left by Cemre. She talked about teaching them how to play a very good game. And then she promised that they would see each other soon and wished them good luck. The mother told Ali that she did not mind her son living in a house where he would feel comfortable. Mavi is against Ali living in the house where Burke is also. Ali replied that if Burke were fire, he would burn even a small area. Kenan warned Burke that if he ever tried to hurt Ali again, he would see exactly the father he knew so well before him. Burke knows perfectly well that for the sake of Zeynep and Arap, Ali will do anything. But he would like to see with his own eyes what they can do for him? Upon meeting, Burke told Ali that he never forgets special days. But especially the day of revenge, and then hit Ali with a heavy object. When Ali regained consciousness, he was in some room. He was tied up and Burke was clearly up to something bad. It soon turns out that Ali did not spend the night at Kenan's house and everyone begins to worry about his disappearance. Most of all, this worries Mavi and she does not understand where Ali could have gone? Derya has a bad premonition and thinks that something bad could happen to her son. At this moment, Burke, along with Ali, are on the verge of death ...