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TozluYaka episode 15 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 15th episode of the Turkish series "TozluYaka" will tell about how the police unexpectedly arrived during the wedding celebration and disrupted the fun of the guests. They were here to detain Osman. He is charged with the murder of Cemre Yilmaz. Before leaving, Osman told Ali, Zeynep and Arap not to be afraid of anything, and he would definitely protect them. He promised that he would not tell anyone. Osman was on the embankment that day when Cemre died and saw Arap and Zeynep next to her lifeless body. Zeynep said that everyone had taken Vefa away from them piece by piece. And what did they end up doing? They made a scapegoat out of Cemre. Mavi asks Ali to be a little calm. And she is sure that there is a logical explanation for everything. Ali is most worried that this will never happen. Indeed, on the one hand is the father of Vefa - Uncle Osman, and on the other brother and sister Ali. Derya demands to be told immediately what is going on. Ali intends to find out what exactly happened on that ill-fated day and what Uncle Osman is trying to protect Arap and Zeynep from. Kenan warned Onder that he would not be able to follow the same path as Derya. Ali also does not like the fact that Onder began to appear too often in their house. He told his mother about it. Burke is fixated on the goal he set for himself, and until he reaches its outcome, he will not leave this path ...