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TozluYaka episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 1 of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka will tell about how young guys, students in college, achieve certain successes in their lives. There is not much time left before they leave the educational institution. And then they will be able to understand what adulthood really is. After all, they are used to the fact that they live above the full provision of their parents, who pay for their education and fully support them. Only there are also such students whose budget is quite limited and they have to save somewhere. Beyond the threshold of each of them a very interesting life will await, but only for young people from this mere thought of an adult and independent life, it already becomes scary. They worry about the fact that suddenly they will not have time to enjoy every moment, or they simply will not be able to survive. Despite this, many of these guys have already learned to survive in such situations, and therefore it becomes easier for them to think that they had to overcome such obstacles. Not only high school students, but also their parents are considered the happiest in this life. In fact, these guys and girls will have a long life ahead of them, which is full of various surprises…