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TozluYaka episode 9 english subtitles

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Episode 9 of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka tells how Vefa's keychain was found in Kenan's house and Derya immediately began to suspect him. She has no doubt that Kenan is hiding something very important about that ill-fated evening. Hazal told her friends that in the evening Cemre invited them to dinner and Ali. Burke confessed to what he saw during the Vefa incident. He came and reported it to the police station. Burke said that his father pushed Vefa and he saw it with his own eyes. Kenan completely denies his guilt, and says that he did not kill this guy. Despite this, Kenan was taken under arrest. Onder believes that no one should be called a murderer due to the fact that someone saw the deceased before death. This requires very strong evidence. Cemre asked Burke if there was at least one living being in this world who would love him? Kenan told Burke that he was never the right child for him. Then Burke replied that there was no one else besides him who could score this goal for him. Kenan tells Burke not to be so sure of himself. Ali was most shocked when he learned that Vefu had actually killed Kenan Yagızoğlu. But most of all, he was shocked by the fact that Kenan turned out to be his own father ...