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TozluYaka episode 19 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 19th episode of the Turkish TV series "TozluYaka" tells how Hazal introduced her beloved Ege to her mother Amina. Onder waited a long time for the right moment to propose to Derya. Only he couldn't have expected Derya's reaction to that. She tries to explain herself and says that she did not say that she did not want to marry him. If he thought something because of Kenan, then she asks to just forget about it. Onder did not answer Derya, but only kissed her. At that moment, Ayla came to Kenan's house. He was very surprised to see her here. She announced that she was pregnant and this shocked him even more. Ali, along with the rest of the guys, found themselves in an insidious trap. They were in a building where a bomb had been planted and there were no keys to open the iron doors. Burke soon announced that he had the key. Ali began to ask to give it. To which Burke replied that he would not have to make this decision and threw away the key. He is in the hands of Chagra. Ali wanted to catch up with him and stop him, but Burke hit him on the head. Ali fell to the floor in an unconscious state and among the guys the situation begins to heat up to the limit ...