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TozluYaka episode 20 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 20th episode of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka tells how Burke thinks that his father is very angry with him. Ali said that now he is angry, but sooner or later he will cool down. Burke remembered that today was his father's birthday and Derya suggested that they go together and congratulate him. When they came to Kenan, they found him not in the best condition, and he told them the news that he was dying. Derya began to help Kenan and only for the reason that she found out about his illness. Onder, however, began to perceive this completely differently and believes that Derya still has feelings for Kenan. Only Derya did not want to offend Onder, and therefore this time she decides to take a step towards him herself. Derya asked Onder if they could hold hands and just enjoy the sea view? Onder gladly hugged Derya and together they feel happy like little children. Arap is upset because of Zeyno's betrayal. He told Ali about it. When Ali decided to have a serious talk with Zeino, Mavi intervened in this conversation. She believes that no one can decide who to love this girl. Ali insists on her own and said that now the choice is only hers. Only Zeino can't understand why her friends are ready to turn their backs on her just because she fell in love with Chagry?