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TozluYaka episode 21 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 21 of the Turkish series TozluYaka tells how Kenan told Ali that the only thing that gives him life is his mother. When Ali returned home, he decided to have a serious talk with his mother. He asks Derya to think carefully about the decision she has made. He really wants Ali's father to live. Mavi believes that men have one feature and that is that they do not know how to argue at all. Onder and Derya were very surprised that Kenana was going to play a wedding for them. Onder asked Kenan who he was to do such things? Kenana doesn't understand why he can't please Kenan in any way. He wonders what he must do for this? Onder asked Kenan to just be human. Kenan, having met with Ali, began to ask if Derya could get permission? Ali was surprised and does not understand at all who his mother should ask permission from? When Ali entered the house, he saw his mother and Onder there. He asked what's going on? Derya informed her son that she and Onder were getting married. Burke also told Derya that he was not ready to be without a father just yet. They are ready to respect any decision she makes. Derya is well aware that her decision will upset someone, and make someone happy. But she is ready to tell him ...