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Uc Kiz Kardes (Three sisters) episode 7 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 7th episode of the Turkish series "Uc Kiz Kardes" will tell about how a serious quarrel occurred between Somer and Mine and her debts became the reason for this. He reminded Mina that he married only because of her and ruined the life of an unfortunate girl whom he does not know at all. And all this was done only in order to pay all her debts. But after what Mine did, Somer won't be able to forgive her. It is too difficult for him to understand how the man she divorced can just pay her debts. It was only now that Somer began to realize that his mother was right. When Somer met with his friend and spoke to him, he said that they had no future with Mine, but only a past. Somer must give a chance to Turkan, who is next to him. The next day, Turkan, as if nothing had happened, offered to make tea for Somer. And then she offered to watch some good movie together. Somer shook his head, and the smile on Turkan's face immediately disappeared. She turned and was about to leave, but Somer stopped her. He agrees to watch a movie with her only on one condition, if she cooks popcorn. Turkan fulfilled her husband's wish and together they started watching a movie. Mine begins to feel that Somer is moving away from her more and more and it seems to her that he does not worry about her at all ...