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Uc Kiz Kardes (Three sisters) episode 10 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 10th episode of the Turkish series "Uc Kiz Kardes" tells how Sadik and Nesrin became aware that Turkan paid money to Fatih for the house. Nesrin does not understand how she could do this without telling them anything. Nesrin believes that now their family is disgraced, and Ms. Ryuchhan despises them. If they themselves had come to her door, she would have given them the money they needed so badly. But for some reason they decided to ask their daughter for help, and such an act is unacceptable for Ryuchkhan. Sadik also feels disgraced and after everything he had to learn, he felt bad. Ryuchkhan considers the Turkan family to be thieves and told her husband about it. Mesut said that his father had left and would not return. But Donyush does not want to believe it, she hopes that her father will recover soon and return home. As soon as Turkan found out about what happened to her father, she immediately came to the hospital and Ryuchkhan was with her. Turkan would like to see her father, but his condition is critical and the doctors are fighting with all their might for his life. Turkan's patience has come to an end. She can endure as much as she wants when they humiliate her, but now it has touched her family. Therefore, she appeared before Ryuchkhan and warned that if her father did not survive, then they would become murderers ...