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Uc Kiz Kardes (Three sisters) episode 5 english subtitles

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Episode 5 of the Turkish series "Uc Kiz Kardes" tells how Somer found Turkan locked on the balcony. He carried her into the room and she was very cold. As soon as Turkan came to her senses and warmed up, Somer asked her forgiveness for not being able to protect her. He promises that this will end soon and Somer spoke to a lawyer. Tomorrow they can get a divorce and escape this nightmare. But Turkan does not want to divorce Somer. Somer tries to convey to his mother that he does not love Turkan and does not have any feelings for her at all. Nesrin believes that their daughter and Sadik have a very good marriage. She was lucky, and their daughter will definitely be happy next to a man like Somer. When Somer gave Turkan the divorce papers, she said she would not sign them. And then she tore up the documents and said that she would not get divorced. Somer decided to share his good news with his father that he would soon have a child. Ozer thought that Turkan was pregnant and was happy for his son. Ryuchkhan came to Mina and demanded that she resolve the pregnancy issue immediately. But Mine is not going to do this, and she will give Ryuchkhan the grandson they want so badly. Turkan told Somer that the day might come when she would leave him. It will only happen of her own free will. He will no longer see the former Turkan and Somer will also be hurt ...