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Uc Kiz Kardes (Three sisters) episode 12 english subtitles

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The 12th episode of the Turkish TV series "Uc Kiz Kardes" tells how Nesrin cannot come to terms with the fact that Turkan's marriage did not work out. She can't watch her daughter's marriage crumble before her eyes. Father began to ask Turkan how the boat ride with Somer went. He also hopes that relations between Turkan and Somer can improve. Ryuchang told Mina that from now on, she would have to follow her words. Mine agreed with Ryuchang. But she has her own plan and she is not going to dedicate her future mother-in-law to it. Somer has made a big decision and he wants to give his marriage to Turkan a chance. He informed his mother about this. Rüchkhan hopes that Somer has not fallen in love with Turkan. Somer was only now able to realize that he had made a big mistake when he opened the divorce case. But now he knows exactly what he wants from life. Nesrin believes that if Somer really does not love Turkan, then he will not refuse the upcoming trial. He will say that everything is over and over. But Turkan cannot believe Somer after everything he has gone through. And she told her mother that this marriage was over for her. When Somer was with Turkan, looking into her eyes, he said that he did not want to part with her. As the day of the trial draws near, Somer hopes that Turkan will change his mind...