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Yalanci Bahar

5-9 series
Year: 2011
Genre: Thriller / Drama
The Turkish TV series Yalanci Bahar with English subtitles focuses on the rich and very influential Karaman family. In the capital, they have many large companies run by family members. The couple have an only child and this is a beautiful daughter named Zeynep. Most of all, the girl dreams of becoming independent, and she does not want to depend on her parents. Zeynep has a lover and she is very happy next to him. Only now a young man earns his living in a completely illegal way, as he turns frauds of the most various kinds and, on top of everything else, steals.

Thanks to such earnings for a long time, he could fully provide for himself and his beloved. The guy did not think about the fact that such cases will not always go well and another fraud is revealed, as a result of which the attacker goes to prison. The main character of the Turkish series "Yalanci Bahar" with English subtitles is in despair and does not know how to live on. After all, if she waits for her beloved from prison, she will spend all her youth and the best years of her life. Zeynep decides to leave everything in the past and plans to start life from scratch.

Soon she marries a successful businessman named Mehmet and they have a son, Omer. Spouses live a quiet and calm life, they almost never even quarrel. Zeynep herself is trying very carefully to hide her past from her family, you can watch online with English subtitles. Mehmet never doubted that his beloved wife had done very well in the past. The usual life of Zeynep and Mehmet begins to turn upside down after the abandoned ex-lover of the heroine is released from prison. Now he intends to take revenge on Zeynep for what she did to him. There comes a moment when Zeynep begins to realize that she can no longer hide the truth from Mehmet and must confess everything to him.
Yalanci Bahar
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