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Yalanci Bahar episode 9 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 9th episode of the Turkish series "Yalanci Bahar", Aziz told Deniz that he found Zeynep yesterday and she poisoned herself. She spent the night in the hospital and is feeling much better now. Aziz began to pretend that he was surprised by Zeynep's act. Mehmet told him about the fact that his wife had founded the greenhouse. Denise was very angry with her from the very beginning, but then she realized that she was exaggerating. After all, Zeynep had to have a very good reason for doing this. Aziz brought Deniz to Zeynep and she was glad to see her, although it was a big surprise. Safiye asked Denise if she was able to solve family problems? Denise replied that they sorted everything out. When Deniz was left alone with Zeynep, she said that she had read the letter and found out everything. Deniz thinks they should go to the police and stop Aziz. After all, everything can turn out not in the best way. Because of this man, Zeynep wanted to commit suicide. Elya told Aras about herself and Mehmet, which shocked him. She drank too much and ended up being unable to resist Mehmet. They only spent the night, and it doesn't mean anything...