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Yalanci Bahar episode 7 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 7th episode of the Turkish series "Yalanci Bahar", Aziz married Myuge, but during the wedding ceremony, the police arrived to take him to the police station. When Myuge tried to find out what was happening, the policeman replied that this was a criminal case. Muge does not believe that Aziz can be involved in such cases. When Aziz was in the interrogation room, the commissioner came and said that they needed his application to open a criminal case. The thing is that a body was found on the territory of his house. The victim was shot in the heart. Myuge does not understand how it could happen that her fiancé was taken away during the wedding ceremony. Zeynep said that she warned her and said how much Muge was in a hurry with the wedding. But Aziz was released because the killer was caught, and it turned out that everything happened because of the girl. After that, Aziz and Muge went on their honeymoon trip. A week later, Mehmet began to notice that his wife was the same as before. She looks happy and enjoys any moment, for which he fell in love with her. It was a big surprise for everyone when Muge and Aziz returned much earlier from the trip. Aziz received a letter from Shenol, it was a congratulation and attached to it was their army photograph. Zeynep immediately noticed how Aziz's expression changed ...