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Yalanci Bahar episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In episode 6 of the Turkish TV series “Yalanci Bahar”, Zeynep wanted to explain everything to Mehmet, but unexpectedly his phone rang. It was Omer, and the child reported being kidnapped. Omer said that Aziz's uncle turned into a pirate and kidnapped him along with Muge. When Zeynep grabbed the phone, Selim said that he and Omer manage to have a great time, and the rest is in her hands. Zeynep immediately hurried to the boat, but Mehmet stopped her. They came to this place to talk and will not leave until they do. Zeynep was forced to postpone talking about Selim, and she told Mehmet that his father was in a relationship with a young girl. She saw them at the mall holding hands. Zeynep tried to take Mehmet's mother away so that she would not see all this. Only this girl unexpectedly approached them herself and introduced herself. If Zeynep had not said that this was her client from the greenhouse, then she does not know what would have happened. Mehmet was shocked by this news and does not understand how his father could allow this. Zeynep was silent for a long time and did not dare to tell her husband about it. Mehmet believes that Zeynep did the right thing, as there is no need to keep it a secret...