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Yalanci Bahar episode 5 english subtitles

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In episode 5 of the Turkish TV series "Yalanci Bahar", when Zeynep and his family gathered in a restaurant, they also invited Aziz. But one of the waiters recognized Aziz and began to call him Selim. Aziz tried to get out of this situation. But the man began to remind about their service in the army, and how the girl constantly wrote letters to Selim. Myuge began to joke that Aziz had a split personality. In the mornings he works as a lawyer, and when the evening comes, he becomes the superhero Selim. Aziz is grateful to Muge that she introduced him to Istanbul and considers meeting her a real success. When Zeynep left the restaurant, she warned Aziz that he was playing with fire. But Aziz is not afraid of anything, and for him this is just the beginning. Deniz believes that Myuge has a lot of interest in Aziz and they may start a romantic relationship in a few days. Zeynep really doesn't like this whole situation and she can't understand what Aziz is thinking about. She called Selim and asked to meet in the evening in order to have a serious talk. When they met, Zeynep asked Selim to write a letter of resignation and leave the company. Then he will leave Istanbul forever, as this cannot continue any longer ...