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1-13 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
The Turkish series will show how sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex are able to deftly play with the feelings of charming and worthy women. Sometimes you can meet such men who are only able to deceive and change, betray, and thus do not at all justify the built hopes of their halves. As a result, everything leads to the fact that women do not want to continue to endure such an attitude towards themselves and they understand that "Men cannot be trusted." If a woman had to go through this, then she will never leave everything like that and will definitely start looking for ways to take revenge. After all, only in this way it will be possible to indicate to the traitors their true place in this world.

As shown in the Turkish series "EGO - Erkeğe Güven Olmaz", women come up with a variety of ways to take revenge. They can be insidious or, on the contrary, funny, which can only come to the mind of those who dare to deceive and offend. It all depends on the character, as well as the temperament of the woman who was going to take revenge. After all, betrayal can never be forgiven to anyone. Revenge is a cold dish and is usually served with good calculation and a well-thought-out plan. If this is not done, then you will never get the effect that you are waiting for with such impatience.

Events of the Turkish series "E.G.O." will unfold in the late eighties of the last century. The young girl made many mistakes in choosing her soulmate and each time she had to face disappointment. Therefore, she made certain conclusions for herself and decided that she would no longer become attached to those who later betrayed. She was disappointed in love and believes that in fact such a feeling does not exist. Only now the main character could not foresee in any way that fate had prepared a big surprise for her. One day she will meet a young man on her way who will awaken her feelings again and then the girl will no longer be able to resist.
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Update: 22/05/2023

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