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1-9 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a respectable Turkish family, which consists of the spouses Belize and Harun, as well as their two wonderful children Kerem and Ece. The protagonists of "DarmaDuman" were able to achieve great business success in the provinces and the moment came when they decided to expand their enterprise. But for this, the family had to move to a new place of residence in the metropolis. As soon as they arrived in a big city, it was not difficult for parents to immediately settle here. They are quite comfortable, which is difficult to say about their children. After all, they had to leave their former school, where there were a lot of friends, familiar surroundings and move to a city that seemed so alien to them from the very beginning.

Here, the heroes of the Turkish TV series "DarmaDuman" have to go to a new educational institution and start everything from scratch. This was an elite school and mainly the children of those parents who did not feel financial need studied here. Kerem and Ece are used to the fact that they have always enjoyed success from their peers and have always received a lot of attention. In the city where they lived before, their family was considered one of the richest and most influential. Only now they have found themselves in the very epicenter of the representatives of the so-called golden youth.

These teenagers are accustomed to consider themselves above all those who are in their environment. For this reason, the characters of the Turkish TV series The Future Takes Longer, who come from a small town, do not fit into their company at all. Kerema and Ece begin to oppress and humiliate in every possible way, but they are not going to endure this. Brother and sister join forces in order to show that they are not so simple, so you should not joke with them. Despite the fact that the adaptation to the new place was very difficult, the guys still managed not only to get comfortable, but also to make friends. And very soon they will meet their true love.
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Update: 25/12/2022

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Iman Guests 29 November 2022 18:13
Please can you translate episode 5 
. Guests 1 December 2022 22:16
Please please please can you translate episode 5, it’s been almost a week since release. 
. Guests 1 December 2022 23:12
Can you a;so upload the rest of the episodes 
Guest Anna
Guest Anna Guests 3 December 2022 01:27
Can you translate the others episodes please