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Ego episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 1 of the Turkish series "Ego" will tell about how events are transferred to the last century in the eighties. A young and rather attractive girl turned out to be in the center of the events. Despite the fact that nature endowed her with excellent data, she never managed to arrange her personal life. She met guys many times and tried to build relationships with them, but in the end it didn’t lead to anything good. Time passed and she had to deal with betrayal and betrayal, which did not affect her future life in the best way. As a result, the girl concluded that love does not exist and it happens only in fairy tales. Therefore, she decided to put an end to her personal life and began to look for an occupation for herself, to which she would devote all her time. Only she could not think that very soon she would have to change her plans for life. The thing is that fate brings the main character with a charming man, whose charm is very difficult to resist. Ahead of her will be an incredible and dizzying love story that will be full of the most unexpected twists and turns. Then the heroine will be able to understand that true love really exists and she will be able to overcome everything ...