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Ego episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 2nd episode of the Turkish series "Ego" will tell about how Sibel decided to take an important step and, having met with Erhan, made him a frank proposal. She thought it over well and thought it would be good for her. If they spend three days together, then in return he will receive three million, which he really needed. After all, she knows about Erhan's money crisis. He did not miss this chance and accepted Sibel's offer. Together they were able to spend time that would greatly affect their future lives, as well as loved ones. Elif witnessed Sibel's proposal and she, as his bride, feels very offended. Soon the news featured a controversial photo with a caption. Also, hot news began to be broadcast on TV. Journalists reported that Sibel was spotted after a fashion show that was held with great success in Antalya. She tried to hide her whereabouts, but still managed to take a few pictures. At the same time, she was not alone, but with a young guy, who is most likely her new lover. The two families were shocked to hear the news and consider themselves disgraced. Sibel and Erhan will have to find an excuse for this situation. And if they don’t, they will face the not-so-pleasant consequences of their decisions…