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Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "Oglum" will show an extraordinary life story of two boys. One of them is six years old, and another not so long ago twelve. In addition, the heroes of the Turkish series with English subtitles were from completely different classes in terms of material wealth. One of them lives in the poor family, and the other was lucky much more, as he was born and raised with rich parents. It will be an amazing story that is full of emotions and indignation. The boys have already had to get acquainted on the net, but at the prevailing circumstances of the fate of them and in real life.

The main events of the Turkish series "Oglum" in Turkish, will unfold on the territory of the hospital. Acquaintance and meeting of the main characters will be a fatal event for them. Despite the fact that they are completely children, they have to deal with certain difficulties in their lives. This may be misunderstanding from their parents or just unhappy adults. Only in a dream, they can see such a life that was quite satisfied with each of them and they feel themselves truly happy. This is a wonderful world in which there is no place for misfortune. For no circumstances are they trying not to lose hope for the best.

Demem is a young woman who has been working with children for many years and by profession it is a psychotherapist. Over the years, the heroine of the Turkish series, you can watch online with English subtitles, I had to see a lot. Only these customers will make her look at this life completely at another angle. She gradually will try to understand everything that happens and understand everything. For her, the most important thing is that it is to help your little patients cope with all their difficulties and problems.
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Update: 10/02/2022

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