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Seviyor Sevmiyor

1-17 series
Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Deniz from the Turkish TV series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" tries to live life the way fate allows. Now, the beauty is thirty years old, and for all the years she has not learned to live. Together with her, a little son lives under the same roof. A good waitress. However, you will have to quit this institution and go to the people. Watching an online film adaptation with English subtitles, will allow you to realize what extremes Denise will go to, and what she will face in the future. Every day, the film adaptation guarantees incredible action. She goes to various interviews, spends time with the rich, but who knows how it all ends. Having found a new position, which can be seen online in the TV series "Seviyor Sevmiyor", Denise wishes to go for an interview at "Go Flamingo" magazine. Returning home to her, another portion of surprises and positive mood awaits. Going to the post office, she discovers a mysterious letter written from Yigit - the first love that did not work out. In fact, they had not seen each other for ten years, they did not even know that today their destinies should converge on a single channel. He did not expect the first conflict to occur. She thinks that Yigit, as before, will be a fat and ugly guy who wants to drag her into bed. However, seeing that in front of her there is an attractive, adult, sophisticated man in beautiful clothes, well-groomed ... she will be simply shocked. If she manages to show her integrity and resilience, maybe they will be able to become a family.
Seviyor Sevmiyor
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Update: 7/04/2022

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