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Seviyor Sevmiyor episode 4 english subtitles

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In the 4th series of the Turkish TV series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" when Deniz and Irem started a tricky game with yigitis, then not moths and think about what consequences will lead. IEM continues to issue himself for Denis, and she tries not to come across Jigita once again and every time it becomes more difficult to do it. When old friends were accidentally in one and that cafe, the girl almost revealed himself and the reason for this was her sister, who almost gave the relative. Denise constantly stumps on Yigita and spoils everything. He asked her to be a little more careful and stop flying somewhere in the clouds. IEM begins to understand that it is experiencing special feelings towards Yigita and understands that further will experience even more attachment to him. And Denise at this moment decides to change its appearance slightly, but it did not work very well. Yigit also said that it would be better if she did not do that. Denise and Tun went to the cafe, and there the girl drank a little extra, so, without holding his emotions, she decided to call Yigita and confess to everyone. Deniz informs him that it was she who was the same friend who defended him in childhood and was located next to him in difficult moments ...