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Seviyor Sevmiyor episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In episode 2 of the Turkish TV series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" the heroes of the series were born in rich families and they were very different children. For example, Denise is a sweet and very charming girl, but Yigit has always suffered from excess weight. It was difficult for him, because because of this, his peers constantly laughed and bullied him. The faithful girlfriend was always next to Yigit, she supported him in everything and did not notice how she fell in love with him. The young man himself was also not indifferent to this girl. But they have to part for many years. Denise was already thirty years old and her parents began to experience financial difficulties as the profitable business collapsed and they went broke. Their daughter was unable to achieve anything in her life and even looked ugly. Once, when she looked into her email at night, she saw a letter there. And as it turned out, this message was written to her by her ex-lover, which greatly surprised the girl. He hasn't been to Istanbul for many years and has now decided to return here, so he wants to meet his childhood friend. The heroine immediately went to the place where the meeting was scheduled. Only she could not even think of how the events would unfold further ...