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Seviyor Sevmiyor episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In episode 1 of the Turkish TV series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" Denise tries to understand that she did wrong, that fate treats her like a traitor. Working in a small cafe allows you to get minimal money, and the girl herself is beautiful and attractive. At home, she is raising her son, but it didn’t work out with family life. Every day, she has to taste various activities related to work and employment. Interviews don't end well with anything good. Istanbul gave a little hope when she received an unknown letter in her private messages on the Internet. Recovering a little, and then, after reading the letter, she is shocked. It turns out that this is her first love, Yigit. With a guy, they have not communicated for more than ten years. Even at school, they could be family members to give birth to a child and get carried away with family life. Of course, the memories of him are terrible, because the guy was full: plump, daddy's son, unable to do anything. But at the meeting, she was shocked to see in front of her a wealthy, thin man in expensive clothes and beautiful hair. Only now, no feelings can flare up between them, because they have nothing to talk about, and fate turned everything upside down.