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Seviyor Sevmiyor episode 6 english subtitles

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In the 6th series of the Turkish series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" Yigita begins to notice the similarity between Deniz Aslan, in which he sees an intern, and his children's love Deniz Aslan. Irem makes mistakes in the role of Denise, forcing Yigita to doubt and distance themselves. Of particular interest, the Danube to Deniza attracted the attention of Yigita, who began to feel closer to Deniz. While Yigit is confused, Irech will answer all his questions with surprise. Denise and Yigit should go on a business trip, which was not easy to visit. Unable to make time between Yigit and Denise alone, tuna goes to Denise to surprise them. While tuna will surprise Yigita with his sudden arrival, tuna and yigites will be frozen by a surprise of Deniz.