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1-14 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
In the center of the events of the Turkish series were two sisters who, due to the circumstances, were left without parental love and affection. The main characters of "Dönence" are called Gedzhe and Gulce. Girls understand that they can only rely on their own strengths and they should not wait for outside support. They loved each other very much and completely trusted in everything. Only now there is one big problem that prevents the sisters from finding true happiness. The thing is that Gulce was diagnosed with Asperger's disease at a very early age, and this circumstance causes quite a few problems for a normal and fulfilling life for girls. It is too difficult for Gulce to get along in the social environment, she prefers to lead a secluded life and practically does not communicate with anyone.

The main characters of the Turkish series "Dönence" have to change their place of residence due to certain circumstances, and they move to Foca. It was a small and provincial town, which was located on the territory of Izmir. Doctors considered that in such a quiet and peaceful place Gulce would be much easier to get along than in a noisy and crowded metropolis. When the sisters were in place, they immediately admired the comfort and beautiful natural views of these places. Only the girls could not even imagine what serious changes would await them in a new place.

Gulce will first of all have to adapt to the conditions in the new school, which is not at all easy for her. After all, there are many students, teachers and such a number of people for her is considered a real test. Gedje's life also begins to undergo major changes and along the way she meets a young man named Harun. With his appearance, not only the life of Gedzhe, but also Gulche began to change dramatically. Harun was a doctor and worked with children suffering from autism. When Gulce became his patient, Harun met Gece, but none of them yet knows what twists of fate this meeting will lead to.
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Update: 12/10/2023

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