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1-6 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "BABA" it will be about difficult relationships between close people who have led to the tragedy on the current circumstances. In the center of the events of the Turkish series with English subtitles, the Saruhanly family turned out to be. The head of this family is Emin Saruhanla, and he was born in Anatolia. Once upon a time he lived with his native brother Mohammed Ali in the same house and they were brought up together. They had a very big and friendly family. Despite the fact that they had to live modestly and largely refuse themselves, their native people were always close to each other.

Emin had two sons named Cadir and Server. None of the heroes of the Turkish TV series "BABA" in Turkish, was not ready for the fact that a big trouble would knock on them in the door. There is a terrible plane crash, as a result of which Emin's life began to share before and after. He began to dive into deep depression and burned very long. Some time passed and Emin decides to move to Istanbul, where he planned to start life from a clean leaf. Once at a new place of residence, Emin meets another one of his brother, who owns a very large and prosperous holding.

At the moment, relations between Emine and his brother were too stretched. In addition, between the main hero of the Turkish series, which can be watching online with English subtitles and his son, the relationship was not the best side. When the next scandal occurred, Kadir was in the center of the unpleasant history of criminal nature. Only now the consequences turned out to be rather unexpected for him, and as a result, Cadir was in prison, where he had to spend several years. Years later, Kadiru again will have to meet with his father.
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Update: 23/03/2022

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