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1-4 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
The meeting of the main characters of the Turkish series "Sakli" occurred under random circumstances. Initially, they decided to simply felt with each other, but such a romantic relationship did not bind to anything, they latter completely. Suddenly, for each of the heroes of the Turkish series, which can be viewed with English subtitles, their tricky game began to gain unexpected revs. Each time their feelings became even stronger, and a simple flirt turned into a rapid relationship. It would seem that they can be together and live happily with one family, but each of them had a very serious foundation that prevented this.

The thing is that the heroes of the Turkish series "Saklı" with English subtitles, already family people. A man has long been married and he has two wonderful children. But the woman was also married and her husband is strongly jealous, but sometimes it can be cruel towards her. Every day everything is more difficult to hide your relationships and feelings. They understand that they must stop this relationship, but can not be done. None of them is able to kill such strong love in their heart. Then lovers decide to hide their novel and further as far as it is possible.

Meet the heroes of the Turkish series "Sakli", you can watch online with English subtitles, you have to worry and very carefully. Such mystery attached their feelings even more passion and even to some degree of adrenaline. Only in each story there is a start and a certain end. The very moment comes when this connection becomes known. Then a man and women begin serious vital problems. But the most terrible thing is that all these problems begin to affect close and relatives for them.
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Update: 13/01/2022

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