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Asla Vazgecmem (I never give up)

1-2 series
Year: 2015
Genre: Drama
Yigita came to survive a lot of problems that the hero of the Turkish TV series "Asla Vazgecmem" is a real lord of his own destiny. He is not a simple guy who knows how to decide for himself, which will be tomorrow, and that fate is preparing him. Thanks to courage and responsibility, it opens the doors to any institutions, and who speaks by the enemy, quite quickly violate all the rules. Once, what can be seen in the screening with English subtitles, the guy got into a serious death of events, where he hardly lost everything. But to get out of difficult position, while doing all the dreams, he will not be easy. Previously, the man did not believe in real love at all, it seemed to him that everything was all around the next party of the game, where the loss denotes death.

In the series "I never give up" Yigit believes that thanks to his mother, he can gain love and respect for women. Soon, someone appears on the way, named by Nur, who will become love of life. For her, what can be seen with English subtitles, the guy is ready to crush the mountains and destroy the fate of other people. No one represents that the mother, even at a late age, is not going to let go of his son, which means that the real chain of events begins, which will lead to problems. Nur, will not be able to cope with emotions, it is difficult for her to confront a woman who tries to protect her son so much, but why, she does not want a son of good.

The cell of love is so called the coft, which includes participants. We must first of all be people, help your opponents, believe in bright feelings, and only at the end, destiny will present a gift that will be headed to all participants. If the guy really grew, so why he will not leave the parent home and will not try to unite his love bonds with an attractive girl Nur.
Asla Vazgecmem (I never give up)
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Update: 3/01/2022

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