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Cam Tavanlar (Glass ceilings)

1-8 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy
In the Turkish TV series "Cam tavanlar" in English, it will be about business and the difficulties of life that women in the business world only have to face. They have to overcome various obstacles on their way and all just because they are women. After all, they are used to being considered a weak and fragile sex. Two different generations of people will oppose each other with all their might. Each of them has their own views on life and, in general, outlook. Viewers will be able to see those women who were not afraid to declare themselves to society. In every possible way, they are going to defend their rights.

The protagonist of the Turkish TV series "Glass Ceilings" with English subtitles is a young businessman named Cem. He owns a chain of restaurants and has always strived to do everything to make his business flourish. He was not afraid of competitors, since Jem never doubted that he was the best in his business. But this was only until a certain moment and the usual rhythm of Jem's life changes after his charming rival Leila becomes on his way.

Leila is used to achieving everything in this life on her own. She constantly has to fight for women's rights in various spheres of life. She strives to prove to society that not only men, but also women are capable of doing business in business. For herself, the heroine of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, has chosen a very difficult path. Only she never despaired and was not going to give up. The relationship between the two young people did not work out right away, since they both have a complex character and are not used to making concessions. But gradually, such hatred will begin to develop into more tender feelings.
Cam Tavanlar (Glass ceilings)
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Update: 8/08/2021

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