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1-36 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
At the center of the ongoing events of the Turkish series is a young man named Yaman. The life of the main character “Wild” did not turn out in the best way, since he grew up in a poor family and was brought up in the slums. He spent almost all his time outside and this circumstance made him hardy, strong and resilient. He was used to the fact that he constantly had to face some kind of challenge and tried with all his might to overcome them. All this was due to his harsh lifestyle. Throughout his life, Yaman had to endure a huge number of unpleasant events. He faced disappointment and the cruelty of people. In addition, he had to learn the most unpleasant side of this life.

The main character of the Turkish TV series “Yabani” understood perfectly well that he needed to learn to survive in this cruel world no matter what. He also tried to teach this to his fellow unfortunates. After all, there were enough people around him who were left without a home and family. Yaman could never have imagined that he would have to live around anger and hatred. He had never had to deal with such a feeling as love. No one ever loved him, but that was the case until a certain point. The young man’s usual life began to turn upside down when on his way he met the charming Neslihan.

The girl not only had an attractive appearance, but was very smart and sensible. As soon as Yaman saw her, he immediately fell in love. Neslihan understands that Yaman is poor and will not be able to provide a bright future for her, but her feelings for him were reciprocated. But there is also another hero named Atesh. He came from a wealthy family and was accustomed to achieving his goals. He is a stubborn and rather self-sufficient person. Ateş also met Neslihan and developed strong feelings for her, after which he became obsessed with this love. Neslihan found herself between two men and each of them is ready to fight for her heart by any means.
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