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Ya çok seversen

1-13 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
The events of the Turkish series will unfold around a young man named Atesh Aladzha. By coincidence, the protagonist of "Ya Çok Seversen" and his father had a serious quarrel many years ago and since then they have not seen each other. Atesh owned his own business and grew up and was brought up in a wealthy and influential family. But he was so offended by his father that he sold his life's work, left Istanbul and went to Mallorca to start life from scratch. Once in a new place, he had to start from scratch. All these years, Atesh lived a wonderful life and did not know any worries at all.

Soon the protagonist of the Turkish series "If you love very much" learns that his father has died and for this reason he has to return to his native land. Atesh was also informed that the late father left a will and ordered that everything belonging to him passed into the hands of his son. The man had a huge fortune and now Atesh becomes his rightful heir. But Atesh is also aware of the fact that his father married shortly before his death and his wife's name was Myuge. As a result of this marriage, 3 more children were born. Therefore, before his death, his father also ordered Atesh to take care of his family.

The main character of the Turkish series "Ya Çok Seversen" did not really want to mess with his half-relatives, whom he practically does not know. But he is well aware that he must keep the last request of his late father and therefore decides to hire a nanny for them. She becomes very young, but at the same time a rather charming girl named Leila. Atesh is unaware of who this person really is and what she does for a living. He doesn't even know her real name.
Ya çok seversen
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Update: 1/10/2023

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