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Kalp Yarası

1-5 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
The series "Kalp Yarası" will show the viewer an exciting story of betrayal, love and revenge. A beautiful couple lives in the small town of Antakya - Nilgyun and Ferit. Young people have been dating for a long time and are going to tie the knot. The families of the boy and girl are happy with their choice. One day, Ferit discovers that his favorite horse is sick. The animal urgently needs the help of a veterinarian. Ferit leaves work early to meet the vet and check on the horse. Entering the stable, the young man sees a sight that breaks his heart into small pieces. His tender bride Nilgun enjoys the passionate embrace of Omer the groom. Ferit breaks off the engagement with Nilgun, not forgiving the girl of deceit. The guy intends to take revenge on the insidious Nilgyun and Omer. To do this, he proposes to Aisha, a practically unknown girl, to marry him. Ferit is handsome and financially secure, so Ayse agrees. The guy intends with the help of the newly-made betrothed to bring a lot of trouble to Omer and Nilgyun. Will Ferit be able to open his pain-wounded heart to a new love?
Kalp Yarası
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Update: 21/10/2022

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