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Ah nerede

1-4 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy / Drama
The events of the Turkish series "Ah nerede" will unfold around three young people. Omer, Ferit and Murat are siblings who were born and lived in a provincial town called Bursa. The heroes of the Turkish series with English subtitles have already become quite old and for this reason the father began to think that it was time for his sons to get a good education. He wanted his children to arrange their lives in the best possible way in the future. The man is well aware that in his hometown the guys will not be able to achieve anything and therefore decides to send them to Istanbul. He had high hopes for his children and believed that a moment would soon come when everyone would be proud of his sons.

Since the characters of the Turkish series "Ah nerede" in Turkish were still too young and not experienced enough in many things, they were not particularly interested in studying. Young people are beginning to dedicate their time to what they could actually enjoy to the fullest. They do not want to sit at the books or do their homework, the brothers want to experience new feelings and use every opportunity for this. The older brother's name was Ferit and he was a real ladies' man. He likes to attract the attention of girls and is always looking for something new in his relationship with them. He is not even embarrassed by the fact that a bride is waiting for Ferit at home, who will have to become his wife.

But one day, the hero of the Turkish series "Ah nerede" can be watched online with English subtitles, meets a girl who radically changes his life. Ferit fell in love for the first time and is unable to cope with his feelings. Another brother is addicted to gambling and can't stop because he really enjoys it. And the last one, plunged into politics and constantly gets into some kind of scam. Soon parents find out what their children are really doing and are shocked. The father begins to realize that he made a big mistake when he decided to send his sons to another city.
Ah nerede
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Update: 30/07/2022

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