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Elkızı episode 12 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 12th series of the Turkish series "Elkızı" will tell about how Ali came to Ezo in order to find out why she took a checkbook from accounting? Ezo asked not to put pressure on it, and she had long been not a child. Ali is trying to deserve forgiveness from Songuel. But he does not see her true feelings and Songuel said Ali, which does not want to be his girlfriend. Ali does not understand what is happening? Songuel kissed him, so that Ali finally understood everything. Ezo saw Songuel and Ali kissing, for her it was a big blow. Nermin brought Ezo a flash card, which should have been a video. But Harun learned about it and left for his mother and Ezo Message. Ezo said Nermin that there is no longer any game. She was very tired, and she had no strength at all. Harun asked Ezo, between her and Ali again flashed love? Ezo replied that she never looked to hide again. Ezo remembers how Ali her spoke loud words. Then he said that he would never give up from her, but if it happened, then Ali would die. Ali apologized to Ezo for keeping breathing. But if Ali dies, then Ezo will not be able to live, only he does not understand this ...