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Elkızı episode 13 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 13th series of the Turkish series "Elkızı" will tell about how Zelikha took Ezo and said that she would not allow her to be near such a man like Harun. He raised her hand and Ezo should not forgive it. But Ezo is trying to convince his mother in the fact that she loves her husband and still return to him. Ezo had to tell his mother that she killed her father and now Harun threatens her by it. The police received a message that in the garden of Haruna Zapadan Corpse. He killed a man and then hid the body. Shecher pursued Bekira and wanted to kill him. But Ezo was near and stopped her. Bekir threatens a sechar photographs and insists that she marry him. Zelikha warned Javane, that she will take her daughters and leave this hell. Sherry said his mother and Ezo that they were very late. Javidan advises to say goodbye to Zelikhe with his precious daughter while she still has time. Ezo saw Ali, began to ask for all his forgiveness. She asked her no longer wait and start her life without her. On this, their story ended, never managed to gain a happy end. Javidan went to the plot, and she is ready to name the name of the person who killed her son ...