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Bir Annenin Gunahi (A Mother's Guilt)

1-3 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
In the center of the events of the Turkish TV series "Bir Annenin Gunahi" in English, there were two completely unfamiliar women. They are on different rungs of the social ladder, and none of them could have imagined that a tragic accident would forever turn their usual existence upside down. Until a certain point, their lives went on as usual, but everything will change after one wrong step. When it comes to the life of a child, there is no time left for thinking. Suna is a mother of two and her life is not going well. She works very hard to get her children back on their feet.

In addition, the woman had a seriously ill son named Yusuf, and most of the money was spent on his treatment. The boy had a bad heart and needed an operation, but the heroine of the Turkish TV series “A Mother's Guilt” with English subtitles is sorely lacking money. Soon the worst happens and Suna is charged with murder, and then she is sent to jail. As I found out, a very rich and influential man ordered her own death. All this was done so that after his death the family could receive a solid insurance payment. Then they could live so as not to deny themselves anything. But the man did not think about how his family would experience this loss.

Suna only agreed to this because of the money she could spend on treating her child. Two children remained lonely and they have no one to rely on, so it is not known how their fate will develop further. Another heroine of the Turkish TV series "Bir Annenin Gunahi", which can be watched online with English subtitles, is also a mother and she vowed to find the murderer of her beloved husband. It was for this crime that Suna was serving her sentence in prison. Several years will pass and fate will again cross the paths of these two women. Everything will happen the moment their children fall in love. Each of them has their own sins.
Bir Annenin Gunahi (A Mother's Guilt)
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Update: 12/12/2020

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MARiana Guests 5 December 2020 04:09
And the second episode? Im so excited to watch what happens next.  Please dont forget  to keep posting this series.

Natalia Guests 6 December 2020 23:10
ιEpisode 3 please?  
ΝΑΤΑΛΙΑ Guests 8 December 2020 16:07
ιEpisode 3 please???????? 
ΝΑΤΑΛΙΑ Guests 12 December 2020 23:46
μιEpisode 4 please ?????? 
Natalia Guests 13 December 2020 11:12
Ηey can I ask you something? How download the episodes from Kanald? 
Natalia Guests 16 December 2020 22:23
Episode 4 please????  

Episode 4 ????? Please ???
Alina Guests 21 December 2020 19:14
Please upload episode 4
Minnie Guests 17 January 2021 19:48
Please upload episode 4 and5
william Guests 7 February 2021 18:14
plzz upload 4th and 5th episode
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez Guests 17 February 2021 22:11
please  add the last 2 Episodes ?
Omi Guests 16 April 2021 13:56
Episode 4 and 5 upload please.....