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Bir Annenin Gunahi (A Mother's Guilt) episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In episode 2 of the Turkish TV series "Bir Annenin Gunahi" in the clinic, doctors are fighting with all their might for the lives of two patients. He was a young guy who needed an urgent operation and a man who decided to voluntarily end his life. Suna prays to the Almighty to give both of them a chance to survive. She considers herself to be guilty of what happened to the man, as she shot him. But she did it for the sake of saving her own son, for whose life doctors are also fighting. Suna had no other choice, and for her it was the only chance to give her son the opportunity to move on. The daughter also ran to the hospital to her father. But the doctors failed to save the man and now the daughter does not know how to live on without the man who was closest to her. For every child, the loss of a father is considered a major trauma. But for the girl, everything happened so unexpectedly that she was completely unprepared for this. The daughter does not intend to just put up with what happened, and she will definitely find the person who did this to him. Only she is unaware of what really happened, and why her beloved father left this world so early. He knew about the situation in his family and believed that only by his death he could help people close to him ...