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Saygi (Respect)

1 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Crime / Drama
The main character of the Turkish TV series "Respect" in English very often had to deal with corruption, as well as lawlessness. He doesn't like it at all, and Erjument intends to restore justice by any means. For this, he will show by his own example that the best traits for a person are honesty and loyalty. Very soon, fate will bring him together with two very young people who pursue the same goals as his.

In order to achieve the desired goal, the hero of the Turkish TV series "Saygi" with English subtitles is even ready to cross some boundaries of the law. The man believes that only with the help of lynching it will be possible to prove to certain individuals that they have committed unforgivable acts. In solving serious problems, he will be helped by such human qualities as respect and adherence to principles. Only now, if the matter begins to concern close people, then you have to act immediately and there is no longer time to think. If a person has to face a difficult life, then this once again proves that he himself is responsible for his own past, as well as the present, and of course, the future.

Moreover, the future will only depend on how he was able to learn from his past mistakes. The moment will come when the main character of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, will begin to live according to all the established rules of the law. Only he considers it unnecessary for himself to cooperate with law enforcement officers. His words will never be at odds with deeds, as is the case with other people acting in similar ways. Indeed, in the struggle for justice, all means are good and this has been proven in practice many times.
Saygi (Respect)
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Update: 27/10/2020

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Teo Guests 3 November 2020 15:22
when will the second episode appear?
yazhan Guests 5 November 2020 20:23
plz upload 2nd epi fast....
Simi Guests 6 November 2020 22:23
Please upload 2nd episode soon
Hikma Guests 8 November 2020 14:26
Next episode please
Guest Fatima
Guest Fatima Guests 12 November 2020 23:21
Please upload 2nd and 3rd episode. 
Maria Guests 13 November 2020 11:33
Why Don't you upload the 2nd episode?  Any problem?  Why Don't you tell us what’s the problem actually? Strange! 
djrhshjsrtdfg Guests 14 November 2020 15:49

pleaseeeee the second episode
Jnflsjg Guests 18 November 2020 14:53
What the heck man!!?? Episode 4 also coming soon but you didn’t upload the 2nd episode yet. Where the problem is actually??? ??????

Is episode 1st the last episode???? ? 
mumu Guests 19 November 2020 10:15
upload the second episode ASAP ughh 
.... Guests 19 November 2020 22:53
Why don't you upload 2nd and 3rd episode? I've been visiting this website everyday but got disappointed everytime ?