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1-15 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a young man named Levent. The main character of "Gaddar", despite all the resistance of his family, decided to join the army and repay his debt to the Motherland. His family and lover were categorically against this and expected something completely different from Levent, but no one could convince him. As a result, he leaves his family and goes to military service. When he found himself far from his home, he could not even imagine what trials fate itself had in store for him. Returning to his native land, Levent’s whole life begins to turn upside down.

Very unpleasant news awaited the protagonist of the Turkish TV series “Gaddar” at home. As a result of this, he begins to take rash steps and in the end finds himself drawn into a cruel world where lawlessness and crime reign. Each time he begins to change more and more and not for the better. If before he was open, friendly and sociable, now he has become very cruel. Such changes are very disliked not only by his family, but also by his beloved. Only all this is actually the least of the main problems. After all, some actions begin to lead to others and gradually he becomes more and more immersed in illegal actions that are closely connected with the mafia.

After some time, Levent begins to realize that this cannot continue. He has become completely involved in the network of the criminal world and does not want his life to continue in this way. He decides to call it a day and wants to quit his dirty surroundings forever. Levent would like to start his own family and live like all normal people. Only as long as he is involved in crime, this is impossible, since the life of his family will be in constant danger. At the same time, the main character did not think about the fact that getting out of crime would not be easy at all and his old comrades would not want to just leave him alone.
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Update: 5/05/2024

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