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Kader Baglari

1-5 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
At the center of the ongoing events of the Turkish series are young people Sevda and Kerem. The main characters of “Threads of Fate” have to go through a difficult path to their love. They will constantly face some kind of difficulties and hardships. And also many other troubles. But sometimes they will be faced with choices that can radically affect their future destinies. And you will even have to sacrifice freedom. All events began to unfold in Montenegro, where Sevda had to endure the most unpleasant events in her life. But it was there that fate brought her together with a handsome and charming guy named Kerem.

Then the main character of the Turkish TV series “Kader Baglari” found herself in a difficult situation, and if Kerem had not intervened in time, it is unknown how it would have ended. Kerem became a real hero for Sevda and saved her life. It all started from the moment Sevda had to face violence and unprecedented injustice. Kerem was there at such a terrible moment and saved the innocent girl from shame and an unenviable fate. Only in the end the whole situation turned out not in favor of Kerem himself, and he ended up in the hands of justice. Unfair accusations began to be brought against him and the young man was forced to go to prison. Some time passed from that moment and when Kerem was released, he again met the girl he had saved. But this happened already in Manisa and there relations began to develop between Kerem and Sevda. Feelings flared up between the young people and each time they become stronger. Soon they begin to realize that they love each other very much and want to live their whole lives together, holding hand in hand. Only now they will not be able to experience joint happiness so quickly, since certain obstacles will begin to arise on the way for the loving couple.
Kader Baglari
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Update: 29/10/2023

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