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Maviye Sürgün

1-13 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
The protagonist of the Maviye Sürgün series is a young warrior named Oguz, who serves as a commando in the SAT (literal translation: Turkish Special Forces Underwater Squad), which is deservedly considered one of the best in the world. Oguz has achieved great success and is confidently leading among all the commandos.

It should be noted that commando service in special forces is considered one of the most risky military professions, and therefore Oguz, like all his comrades, are used to always performing even the most difficult tasks under water, risking their own lives. Oguz is married and has two children. But tragedy befell him. As a result of events related to his work in the special squad, Oguz lost his beloved wife Ayda. After that, Oguz realized what danger threatens his children and therefore was forced to hastily leave with them for the coast of Marmaris. Difficulties begin in the new place. But one event completely changes the life of the protagonist.

One day, Oguz, risking himself, saves a drowning girl in the sea. The rescued girl is very grateful to him. The girl's name is Defne and she works as an entertainment manager in one of the hotels in Cyprus. Acquaintance with Defne becomes the beginning of big changes in the life of Oguz. Changes that he could not even imagine. When a romantic relationship develops between Oguz and Defne, no one could know that behind Defne is a very obsessive and gloomy person named Kurshat, who is referred to as the Man of Darkness.
Maviye Sürgün
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Update: 9/09/2023

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