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Uvey Anne

1-8 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a middle-aged man named Faruk. The protagonist "Uvey Anne" owns his own business and was able to achieve great success in this business. He feels truly happy, because his life has developed in the best possible way. Farukh has a beloved wife, Efsun, and together they are raising their three wonderful children. Faruk loves Efsun very much and never thought about having an affair on the side and betraying his beloved. He had enough of everything, and Faruk was satisfied with such a life. In marriage, Efsun and Faruk were happy and were always considered a role model for the people around them.

The hero of the Turkish series "Stepmother" could not even think that in an instant his life would be completely destroyed. It all starts from the moment when a great tragedy happens to his beloved wife and Efsun dies. For Farouk, this event was a great shock and it seems to him that life has ended there. He is on the verge of despair, but very soon he realizes that now he himself will have to raise and take care of his children. He should not give up and must live for the sake of children. After all, he can't let his family down.

Some time passed and Farouk decides to marry a second time. As his wife, he chooses the charming Serap, who was his assistant. In fact, this marriage was fictitious. Farouk wanted to fence himself off from the pesky groupies who just wanted to take a seat next to him. But the most important thing is that Farouk had to provide his children with feminine warmth and affection, which they so lacked after the death of their mother. Serap was in love with Farouk, but she tried never to show her feelings. She always treated his children warmly and found a common language with them. But neither Faruk nor Serap could even think what such a marriage would lead to in the end.
Uvey Anne
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Update: 19/08/2023

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