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Kan Çiçekleri

1-2 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish series, we will talk about two young people who had to tie the knot against their will. As a rule, in order to get married, people meet and communicate for a long time, trying to get to know each other better. And only then do they decide to legalize their relationship. But the main characters of "Bloody Flowers" became an exception to these rules, and under the influence of certain circumstances, they had to enter into a marriage union without even experiencing mutual sympathy. Only very often it happens that such relationships only become stronger and the feeling of love comes much later. This is exactly what happened in the life of this couple.

The heroine of the Turkish series "Kan Çiçekleri" had an attractive appearance and was also very smart. Despite this, Burak did not pay much attention to her and, moreover, was not going to marry this girl. There was practically nothing in common between the young people. Burak had his own plans for a future life for a long time and this marriage was not planned by him. Only fate had other plans for this. Due to the circumstances, Burak and Dylan were forced to get married to reconcile the parties. Brother Burak found himself in an unenviable situation and only he could save him. And that's why he agreed to marry Dylan.

Dylan herself also did not burn with a great desire to become Burak's wife, but she had no other choice. It so happened that she was a victim of circumstances. There was absolutely no love in this family, as well as understanding, and such a union could not promise anything good. But the more time Dylan and Burak spent together, the more they felt the emergence of feelings. They decided to join forces against a common enemy, and soon everything begins to take shape in such a way that this couple will no longer be able to live a day without each other.
Kan Çiçekleri
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Update: 23/12/2022

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