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Hayat bugün

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Genre: Drama
The events of the Turkish series "Hayat bugün" will unfold around a very talented doctor named Baris Guvener. The focus of the Turkish series with English subtitles was a hospital in which not entirely conscientious doctors work. The thing is that they treat their patients like customers. This unscrupulous medical staff very often takes money for the operations performed. Although in fact, patients should receive these services completely free of charge. Doctors sometimes diagnose false diseases in order to line their pockets. Such manipulations cross not only moral and human, but most importantly, professional norms of behavior. In addition, such actions are considered illegal.

But soon a new head doctor was appointed to the clinic and the hero of the Turkish TV series "Hayat bugün" in Turkish became the head doctor. Baris immediately understood what was happening in this medical institution and was horrified by the corruption that flourished here. Since he was a responsible doctor, he immediately set himself the goal of eradicating illegal activities and rid the hospital of operations that were oriented towards money. For him, the most important thing is that patients do not feel disadvantaged and that all medical services are provided free of charge, as it should be. Baris intends to establish a correct and strict regimen of work, which will be aimed at the real treatment of sick patients.

Only this path is not quite easy for the hero of the Turkish series, you can watch it online with English subtitles and there will be many difficulties ahead of him. Baris soon began to realize how difficult the task was before him. He has to face greed, as well as bias and self-interest. It was these qualities that could almost completely destroy the bright and clean appearance of doctors. Despite all the difficulties, Baris is not going to give up, and he will definitely bring the work he has started to a victorious end.
Hayat bugün
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Update: 21/10/2022

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