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Tuzak episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 2nd episode of the Turkish series "Tuzak" will tell about how Ceren and Chinar begin to demand explanations from Güven. They want to understand why he took up arms and killed Demir's companion? Güven had no choice but to confess that his father forced him to do this. Despite this excuse, Jeren does not believe him. She is sure that their father would never do such a thing. She told her brother that he had become a murderer. And all in order to take the lead. Chinar will have to explain to Ceren and Güven how he managed to appear at the scene of the crime so quickly. In addition, the child witnessed this crime. Güven told his father that he had fulfilled his request and removed all traces of himself. Demir is very pleased with his son and is even proud of him. Chinar and Ceren are trying to find out who is really responsible for what happened? First of all, they will have to understand whether Güven is telling the truth about Demir. Chinar asked Ceren if she ever had doubts about her father? Demir made the final decision regarding the moon. He is going to alienate this girl from himself and his family. Then he hopes that he will be able to forget this story once and for all. Chinar went to Demir's office to tell him unexpected news. The thing is that the moon is pregnant ...